Friday, December 2, 2016

This Week and the Week Ahead

This week when we returned from Thanksgiving break, our winter sports season commenced and we held our 3rd Annual Open House which brought in nearly 200 students with their families.  This is our largest attendance to date and we believe that the the community is beginning to realize that DR is the best kept secret in terms of education.  Tonight, we host Mr. DR at 6:30, so please come out and enjoy a great show by Master of Ceremonies Mr. DeLano.

Senior Acceptances: Each week we will post our senior’s acceptances into prospective colleges, universities, military plans or any career pathway.  We are proud of their accomplishments.  Keep up the great work and continue to represent the “DR Difference.”

  • Hannah Barlow
    • John Cabot University
  • Jenna Barlow
    • Seton Hall University
  • Ben Biello
    • Johnson & Wales University
    • Lasell College
  • Sophia Burrows
    • Eastern Connecticut State University
  • Colby Cardarelli
    • Stetson University
  • Nate Cummings
    • Colby-Sawyer College
    • University of Vermont
  • Caitlin Downs
    • Liberty University
  • Matthew Hebert
    • Michigan State University

  • Ben Loell
    • United States Navy
  • Kyle Moynihan
    • Saint Michael’s College
    • West Virginia University
  • Joel Papp
    • Baylor University
    • University of Pittsburgh
  • Katie Parker
    • Anna Maria College
  • William Quirk
    • Seton Hall University
  • Evaline Rodrigues
    • Adelphi University
    • Franklin Pierce University
  • Abigail Teixeira
    • University of Vermont

Open House:
On Thursday, December 1st the DR Staff welcomed nearly 200 8th grade students to it’s 3rd Annual Open House.  We look forward to working with the Class of 2021!

DR Class of 2013 Graduate Danielle Cote gets published Personality Traits Based Off Video Game Consoles:

Personality Traits Based Off Video Game Consoles

Nov 30, 2016

Is your crush a gamer? Find out who they are before the date is over!

So it's your first time touring the apartment of your crush. You are trying to find some household objects that explain a little more about them. Maybe a family picture, to see who's who from the family conversations. Possibly music to see what their taste is. Then you set your eyes on the living room. Jackpot. From here, you can discover much more about your crush than just a picture or a book.


If you see this console set up, your crush loves to socialize. They may play video games for days on end, but they are the first to know who's hosting this weekend's party. Being so social, they surprisingly have a very small group of friends. So cherish the fact you made it to their apartment! However, be warned. Owners of Xbox's tend to be "know-it-all's". With the console's small library of games, their perception of the best game is very narrow-minded. If you do begin to date them, try to bring them out of their comfort zone to expose them to better ideas (and games).


Now a person with this console is more into gaming than the Xbox owner. They are the type of people who are very competitive. You may have seen videos posted where a kid threw the TV out the window because they lost. That is a PlayStation player. But do not fear! This reaction is because they put their heart into everything they do. So the insane TV throwing videos do not show you the kind and sweet person they are when their online team wins a FIFA championship. PlayStation gamers listen to the whole story and do not skip the cut scenes. If you need advice, these are the people who will listen to you from start to finish.


You have met THE gamer. You may have noticed the two computer monitors set up on one desk. And the mouse that has more buttons than the alphabet.They might have this article on one screen while waiting for players to join their game on the other. Don't run and give them a chance. They are geniuses. The wide range of games gives them the advantage to know random facts. Ask them what is the best game they played this week. You have started an hour conversation that may lead to Googling why fruit flies are called fruit flies. If a computer gamer is interested in you, keep them. They put 110% into everything to get what they want. So the fact they left their screens, socialized, met you, and brought you to their apartment is HUGE.


This person enjoys to party... Mario Party! People who own a Wii love to have friends over for some friendly competition. They are the leaders in the group, and are the ones to send out the text "Hey, come over. I bought the new Just Dance." If you run out of ideas for dates, this person will think out of the box. With their proper and clean personality, they tend to be the people family ask why you're not married yet. The kid friendly games can rub off on them, and certain situations may not be taken seriously. So,quickly steer them in the right direction before they steer you off Rainbow Road.


This is slightly harder to spot. Handheld consoles, like the DS, are small in size. However, the signs are obvious. These are your "too involved in everything" type of people. Being President of the Spanish club, starting Quarterback of the football team, and a school tour guide, there is not time to sit behind a TV for more than 10 minutes. Gaming is actually more therapeutic than entertaining to them. With the busy lifestyle they have, the ride on the bus from an away game or five minutes before class gives them time to ease from the chaotic schedule. Feel free to have date night at home with the handheld gamer. Twenty minutes in watching a movie will have your crush at ease and fast asleep. At this point in time, you may switch to your latest Netflix series you are binge watching.

Old School

If you see a giant pinball machine or a TV with a back, you have an old school gamer. These people have saved and collected everything since they could begin pressing the A button. One sentence people tend to say around them is "Oh wow, I remember this." They dominated in their childhood, academically and socially. This is not saying they peeked. However, if you asked what time period would they go back to, middle school will be in the top five. They will make you feel young anytime you are around them. Their heart is as big as their antique games collection. They see the good things in life, and will always bring you up if you are feeling down.

Multiple Consoles

If you see more than one listed above, do not panic. They are not going to be every single trait listed. But they are more accommodating to fit the needs of friends and family. So pick out the traits that match with them the most and realize the other traits may be their roommate. And if you are a better match with their roommate, don't make the whole situation awkward.
Are you looking for your dream job? The ASVAB Career Exploration Program is designed to help you find it. Regardless of their plans after high school, 96% of students who participate said ASVAB CEP helped them plan for their future. What are you waiting for? Find your dream job today! Sign up in the guidance office to participate in the ASVAB CEP.

Dean’s Desk:
  • Activities:
    • Peer Leaders: Mr. DR
Mr. DR.jpg

  • DR Theatre Company: The Theatre Company is holding open auditions for Disney's The Little Mermaid on December 13 from 2:00- 3:30 in the auditorium. Students should sign up in room 303 to get the audition materials. See Mrs. LaSalle with any questions.
  • Latin Club: The Latin Club is going to Brown University's Lessons and Carols! We will leave DR at 4:30 on Monday, December 5th, shop and eat on Thayer Street, then go to the performance of Lessons and Carols. See Mrs. Loell to sign up for the van and get details.
  • DRMB: Mr Doug Kelley's  very first DR Marching Band  Drum Major Josh Labrie with this year Asst Drum Major Andrew Lapointe
  • Lacrosse: Anyone interested in joining the DR boys or girls Lacrosse Team there will be an informational meeting in the auditorium on Dec 6th at 6pm.
  • Football: The Varsity Football Team lost to Seekonk on Thanksgiving 34-28 in overtime.Leroy Araujo tossed two TD passes, one to Dylan Souza and the other to Tanner Costa. Shawn Pereira ran 58 yards for a TD and Shawn Walsh ran 20 yards for a score. Ashton Marshall booted 4 PATS. The team would like to thank the D-R community for the great support they received all year.

Week Ahead:
Monday, Dec 05, 2016-GREEN
Tuesday, Dec 06, 2016-GOLD
Wednesday, Dec 07, 2016-GREEN
Thursday, Dec 08, 2016-GOLD
  • Freshman Transition Team Midterm Study Session 5:00-6:30 pm
Friday, Dec 09, 2016-GREEN

This Week's High Fives!

Daily Announcements

Mr. DR

Come tonight to see who will be crowned 
Mr. DR! 
Tickets will be sold at the door.
All peer leaders helping with the event should arrive by 5:30 to set up! See you all tonight for a great show! 
The Portuguese Club
 Coat Drive 
Will be extended to Wednesday, December 7th. Please continue to bring lightly used coats to room 122. So far we have had over 50 coats donated. 
You can also drop donations off at the main office.  Any donation is appreciated.

Candy Grams
The best way to spread holiday cheer, is singing loud for all to hear! Sing your way to holiday break, and send something sweet to a friend! Candy grams will be on sale during all 4 lunches! They will be being sold for $1 a piece! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ms. Burnham, Mrs. Hopkins, or class of 2018 student government members! Happy Holidays!

Congratulations to Colby Cardarelli on his acceptance to Stetson University. YAHOO!!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Daily Announcements

It's coming! 
The talents, the sports, the dancing - it's Mr.DR! 
This Friday at 6:30 join us for a night of fun while we crown the next Mr. DR. Tickets will be sold Tuesday-Friday during lunches! You don't want to miss this!

The Theatre Company is holding open auditions for Disney's The Little Mermaid on December 13 from 2:00- 3:30 in the auditorium. Students should sign up in room 303 to get the audition materials. See Mrs. LaSalle with any questions.

The Class of 2020 will be collecting class dues from Tuesday to Friday this week. This year's dues are $15. See your class reps at lunch to submit payment.

Any seniors that currently work at a Honey Dew Donuts please see your Guidance Counselor for a scholarship application.

Congratulations to Nate Cummings on his acceptance to Colby-Sawyer College and University of Vermont. YAHOO!!

Congratulations to William Quirk on his acceptance to Seton Hall University. YAHOO!!