Friday, August 30, 2013

District Calendar 2013-2014

In case you have not seen our district calendar for the 2013-2014 school year, please check it out here! We can't wait to see students on Wednesday!

Parent Meeting Summary

Greetings and best wishes for a restful (long!) weekend! We are eagerly awaiting the return of students to school! Yesterday, we held two parent forums to informally meet with our parents/partners in education. We were delighted with the turnout - both groups were enthusiast and generated much food for thought as we move ahead in this school year. We framed our discussion around some central questions - such as what do we do well? What can we improve upon? And how can we engage more parents? 

Parents were eager to share information, and as administrators it was helpful (and heartening!) to hear and learn a wealth of knowledge from this powerful group. Both sessions closed with a raffle for DR jackets -- the evening session's lively discussion lasting until 8 pm. We look forward to welcoming more parents at our next round table discussion -- and our warmest thanks to those who came out yesterday! 
- The Administrative Team

Strengths of the School:
* Freshmen Transition Program, especially, the video made to share program with community.
* Balance of Art/Music/AP Classes.
* Teachers and Guidance work very well with the students.
* Monthly Newsletters, strong communication with families.
* New plaques that recognize past academic award recipients and athletes.
* Teachers are prepared for parent teacher conferences. 
* College lists that are posted outside Guidance and on announcements sharing where kids are going to schools.

Things to Improve Upon at the School:
* Need to emphasize higher education more, especially in earlier years.
* Allow students to go on visits to colleges beginning in sophomore year. Excuse them from school.
* Expectations are too low sometimes for student achievement. 
* Increase opportunity for community service and explore idea of mandated community service. 
* Hold Science Fairs.
*Create self-kiosk or opportunity for students to use libraries to print materials during lunch and after school.
*Review of X2 Directions on school website.  Host parent training on how to use X2.
*Bring in guest speakers throughout the year to meet with parents. 
* Create a four slide summary of what parents need to do for their children each year. For instance, on the junior slide, include SAT deadlines, when to ask teacher for college recommendation, etc. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Dighton and Rehoboth Bus Routes for the 2013-2014 School Year

Want to know your bus route for the 2013-2014 school year? The Dighton Bus Route and Rehoboth Bus Route are here!

Free and Reduced Lunch Information:

Have you filled out a “Free and Reduced Lunch” form?
Did You Know?
Ø  Completing a Free and reduced Lunch application can help our schools.
Most all of our grant eligibility is determined by “the number of students that are eligible” for Free and reduced lunch.  While some families choose not to participate or complete the paperwork- doing so would actually bring more funding into our schools and classrooms. We welcome you to consider completing the paperwork even if you do not wish to access the lunch program.

Ø  Financial Eligibility is determined confidentially and does not require supporting documentation.
Everything needed for eligibility is included on the forms.  These materials are processed confidentially through our Dighton-Rehoboth district office.

Ø  Students receiving Free or Reduced Lunch are anonymous or unidentifiable in the lunch lines.
There is no stigma with the Free lunch program.  To pay for lunch, all students enter a confidential code in a keypad. Most all students keep a running account carrying no lunch money in pocket.

Ø  We are willing to help you with the forms. The form is here:
Sometimes completing unfamiliar paperwork is difficult.  Let us help you!  If you would like some support in completing the documents please contact Gail Fisher at DRRHS 508-252-5000 (X140)

In these challenging economic times- please consider taking time to determine if you might benefit from this program. 

Remember, your “eligibility” will help all of our students by bringing quality resources, programming and professional development to our district.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Week Ahead at DRRHS: 8/26-8/30

It was so much fun to see all of the athletes back on school grounds this past week! 

In addition to our sports and marching band getting ready for the start of their seasons, here is a preview of what is happening this week:

Monday 8/26:
ImPACT Concussion Testing @ 12:30pm for Football Team in the Foreign Language Lab

Tuesday 8/27, Wednesday, 8/28, Thursday, 8/29
Students can make schedule changes with their Guidance Counselors. Please call Mrs. Shillan at 508-252-5050 to make an appointment.

Thursday, 8/29
Two PTO Meetings with the opportunity to meet new Principal Ms. Striano. You do not need to be in the PTO to meet Ms. Striano. We do ask that you sign up that you will attend here so that we can plan appropriate seating. The two opportunities will be at 7:30am and 6:30pm in the Library Media Center. We hope you can make it!

We should probably remind you that you should finish your summer reading and summer math. Please check our website for more information on assignments to be completed.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!!

Attention Class of 2014: Important Guidance Information about the College Process

Hello seniors (Class of 2014):
We hope you have all had a relaxing and wonderful summer. 

The information here is for those of you that will be applying to colleges during the first semester.

On August 1, the 2013-2014 Common Application became available for those who would like to get started on the application process. You should not be submitting your application but you can begin working on it as you can save the document until you are ready to send it which should be closer to the application deadline.   Here is a link:  to a great resource that gives helpful information including writing your application essays.

If you are considering taking SAT or SAT subject tests in the fall,  please keep in mind:
* The test date is:  October 5th, and you need to register by September 6th on
Listed below are some reminders of Naviance "assignments" that we previously went over with you and your parents/guardians during your future planning meeting, classroom presentation, and evening parent presentation last year.  It is important to note that not every college requires a counselor recommendation but most require teacher recommendations.  If you need recommendations it is important to get the following completed as soon as possible:

In Family Connection/Naviance-
*The Future Planning Questionnaire in the "About Me section"
*Your resume
 * List your college choices in  the College section-"Colleges I'm Thinking About"
*Request Teacher recommendations-Go into your account and send a request through Naviance to your teachers if they have already committed to write a letter of recommendation for you. Log in, go to the "colleges" tab  across the top of the page. Open the "Colleges I'm thinking about" and your will see "Teacher Recommendations". Under that heading click on "add/cancel requests". This will allow you to use the pull
down menu to access the teacher's name and then you should add a short and friendly note to the teacher.
Then hit "Update Requests" at the bottom of the box. If you have trouble with this, we can help you when you
return to school.

What is most important to remember as you pursue your future planning is to stay focused on YOUR goals, not your peers! It can get overwhelming when you allow yourself to become distracted by others who may be further along in this process than you. Decide on a timeline and adhere to deadlines that work best for you. Keep in mind we will be working individually with you throughout this process in addition to classroom presentations. Also remember that Guidance counselors caseloads have changed, there are only two counselors assigned to the senior class, and you may have a new counselor to work with so communication is very important. 

That's it for now. We are looking forward to working with you during this exciting time,

Mrs. Maidment, assigned students A - K
Mrs. Tremblett, assigned students L - Z

Thursday, August 22, 2013

School Lunches for 2013-2014 School Year

As you may know, the school has hired Whitsons as our food service company, replacing Chartwells. We are excited to share with you that they have created their own website. Click here for the website which includes information on the lunch menu, interesting articles, and prices for the upcoming school year. If you just want to check out the menu for September, you can click this link here. For any questions, please contact food service director, Ms. Kelly Harrison at 508-252-5025 extension 5616 or email at We welcome Whitsons to the DR community.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Week Ahead at DRRHS: 8/19-8/23

We are very excited to welcome the football players on Monday and the rest of the athletes on Thursday. The students at DR bring the school to life so we are eager for your arrival.

Here's a look at the week ahead:

Monday, 8/19:
8am- Football Conditioning Practice begins at 8am. Lockeroom opens at 7am. Full football preaseason schedule here.  Be sure to bring all your paperwork including this permission form!

1-4pm: Impact Baseline Concussion Testing in Foreign Language Lab. Please sign up in advance here. For more information, click here. Don't forget to bring the permission form which is here!

Tuesday, 8/20:
1-4pm: Impact Baseline Concussion Testing in Foreign Language Lab. Please sign up in advance here. For more information, click here. Don't forget to bring the permission form which is here!

Wednesday, 8/21:
7am- 2pm- Seniors can purchase parking registration sticker. Be sure to bring this permission slip.

9am- Meeting for those interested in Golf Team at High School to meet new coach. Check-in at main office for exact room.

1-4pm: Impact Baseline Concussion Testing in Foreign Language Lab. Please sign up in advance here. For more information, click here. Don't forget to bring the permission form which is here!

Thursday, 8/22:
All Fall sports begin! Be sure to bring all your paperwork including this permission form!

8am- Girls and Boys Soccer @ Bliss Field

8am- Cheerleading @ High School Full August Schedule here

8:30am- Volleyball @ High School

9am- Boys and Girls Cross Country @ High School

11am- Roundtable discussion for students with administration. What ideas and suggestions do you have for the 2013-2014 school year? Stop by to be heard. All are welcome. 

2pm-Field Hockey @ High School 

Golf- TBA

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Roundtable Discussion Forum with Administration on August 22nd @11am in Cafeteria-all students welcome!

All students are welcome to participate in a round table discussion forum with the high school administration led by new Principal Ms. Striano at 11am on Thursday, August 22nd.  The discussion forum will take place in the cafeteria. We hope to see you there!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Freshmen Transition 2013 Video

Please watch the video from the Freshmen Transition Program's orientation to members of the class of 2017 here. Teachers and Peer Mentors enjoyed bonding with the class and are eager to welcome these students into our community in a few short weeks.

Friday, August 9, 2013

DRRHS Parking Registration Form

Here is the DRRHS parking registration form for students for the 2013-2014 school year.

Students who desire a parking sticker must read, review, and complete the above  form with the consent of their parent/guardian, and then present this form along with $60.00 cash and proof of a current driver’s license.

Seniors may purchase a sticker in person at the high school’s main office between 7:00am and 2:00pm August 21st.  All students may then purchase a sticker August 28th from 7am-2pm and the week school starts.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Summer Athletic Newsletter

Please read this summer's athletic newsletter here. We are very excited for the season to begin!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 22nd Kicks off opening day for sports! Find out when your team begins here!

Attention Athletes!

Please see below for the beginning of fall sports.

Remember- you MUST have a permission form, updated physical, and the user fee!

Football: August 19th: to high school locker room.

Volleyball: August 22nd: to high school gym.

Field Hockey: August 22nd: 2-5pm

Boy's Soccer: August 22nd: to Bliss Field.

Girl's Soccer: August 22nd: Begins at to Bliss Field

Cheer-leading: August 22nd: to high school small gym. Full August Schedule here.

Cross Country: August 22nd: to high school.

Golf: First meeting is August 21st: 9am...not a practice. First practice TBA

Subject to Change

Football Preseason Schedule Announced


 Subject to Change




·        CONDITIONING PRACTICES Aug 19-21        8-11:30 AM

·        GOLD CARD REPRESENTATIVE TALK     Aug 19  11:30

·        DOUBLE SESSIONS Aug 22and 23              8-11 AM and 1-3 PM

·        GOLD CARD  Aug 23 4:30-7:30 PM

·        SCRIMMAGE  at NORTON  Aug 24  10 AM

·        PRACTICE AUG 26-27   2:30 ON FIELD


·        PRACTICE AUG 29 AND 30 2:30



Attention Athletes! IMPACT Concussion Testing to be done at DRRHS for free

Dear Parents/Guardians of Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School Athletes:

Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School will offer “Impact Testing” for all athletes as a tool to assess cognitive function. “Impact” is a state of the art concussion management program given in the form of a 25-minute computer based program and designed to assist clinicians evaluating recovery following a concussion.  Mr. O’Leary, our Athletic Trainer and Physical Education teacher at Dighton-Rehoboth, will be facilitating this testing on August 19th, August 20th, and August 21st from 1-4pm in the Foreign Language Lab.  If you are an athlete involved in Football, you will have the option to participate on August 26th and August 27th from 12:30-2:00pm.  The training is optional and free of charge but strongly recommended.

Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School will provide a copy of the pre-test and post-test results to parents so that they can be shared with their child’s health care provider. A list of local physicians familiar with “Impact Testing” is available  If an athlete sustains a head injury indicating any sign or symptoms of a concussion, as a result of participation in Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School athletics, the student will be required to be medically cleared by a physician before returning to play.

Dighton- Rehoboth High School’s staff does not interpret “Impact Testing” results. The reports provide parents with a tool to share with their child’s health care provider as a possible means of assessment. To sign up for a time slot which will occur in 45 minute intervals, please click here. Be sure to bring the parental/guardian permission form signed. The form can be found here. If you have any questions regarding “Impact Testing”, please contact Mr. Ken O’Leary at Thank you for your time and attention.

Ms. Jacqueline Striano

Mr. Stan Franczyk
Athletic Director

For more information on the need to increase concussion awareness, please see this article from here.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Attention Students! 2013-2014 Parking Information

Attention Student Drivers:
Just to clarify information from the newsletter that was sent out last week. Seniors will be able to purchase parking stickers for the 2013-2014 school year from 7am-2pm on August 21st. Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores can purchase their parking stickers on August 28th from 7am-2pm. Note- time change from the email- we will sell parking stickers an hour earlier to accommodate all students. Save these dates! Parking stickers can still be purchased once school has begun as well. The parking registration form can be found here. This form can also be found on our website.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dighton-Rehoboth program aims to ease the anxiety of incoming freshmen

Dighton-Rehoboth program aims to ease the anxiety of incoming freshmen

First PTO meeting on August 29th includes meeting Ms. Striano, new principal at DRRHS

The first PTO meeting of the year will be held on Thursday, August 29th at two different times.The new Principal Jacqueline Striano will have a meet and greet with parents. The first time will be at 7:30am and the second time will be at 6:30pm on August 29th. You do not need to be in the PTO to attend this meeting but we do hope you will consider learning about the plans for the PTO for this upcoming school year. Please RSVP if you plan to attend this meeting since we will be having light refreshments and would like to plan appropriate seating. This meeting will be held in the Media Center. To RSVP, please fill out the form here.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Newsletter 8/1/2013

Please read the summer newsletter by clicking here. Enjoy!


Mon 9/2
Labor Day- No School

Tues 9/3
Teacher’s First Day Back to School
No School for Students

Wed 9/4
First Day of School J
Student Assembles

Thurs 9/5

Fri 9/6
Registration Deadline for Oct SAT

Mon 9/9
Tues 9/10
School Committee 7pm Media Center
Wed 9/11
Summer Reading Discussions

Thurs 9/12
Open House 6pm
Fri 9/13
Last Day for Schedule Changes

Mon 9/16
PSAT Registration begins

Senior Group Presentations on College This Week
Tues 9/17
Wed 9/18
Faculty Meeting 2pm
Thurs 9/19
Fri 9/20

Mon 9/23
Tues 9/24
School Committee 7pm Media Center
Wed 9/25
School Picture Day
Thurs 9/26
Fri 9/27
Registration Deadline for Oct ACT


Dear Students, Parents and Friends,

As the new Principal of Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and express what a sincere pleasure and honor it has been to become involved in this incredible school community. Our high school boasts a rich history of excellence that is the result of a partnership between the school staff and parents who provide an array of experiences for our students. During my first weeks in the district, I have been impressed with the dedication and expertise of our teaching staff, the interest and investment of parents in our school, and most importantly, the energy and enthusiasm of our students! I am looking forward to a successful year for all of our youngsters, and to using our media as a means of communication with our parental community.

All of us on the administrative team hope that you are enjoying your summer and are looking forward to the start of school.  We send a special welcome to our incoming 9th grade class and those new to our D-R family, as well as warm greetings to our returning students.  Before the start of school, please keep in mind the following information:

·         Please peruse the Parent-Student Handbook. In particular, please note the emphasis on attendance, timely arrival and behavioral expectations.
·         Each day we begin school at 7:17 am with our first class. The campus officially opens at 6:45 am with the arrival of buses and cars. Students will enter the building and report to the Media Center, the Cafeteria or Auditorium until they are dismissed to their lockers at 7:12 am. Additionally, being that school safety is paramount, we are asking all drivers to school to drive up to the entrances, and quickly proceed to the exits as we cannot allow for lingering in the fire lanes.  The same consideration is appreciated in the afternoon for pick-up.
·         Students are encouraged to complete their summer reading assignment prior to our reading symposium in September. For information, please reference our website.

This summer, we are busily preparing for September, anticipating the arrival of our students and readying the building for them. Building staff are hard at work maintaining our facility and ensuring that we meet safety protocols. Teachers and staff members are working on curriculum and professional development, all with an eye for moving our building ahead. Should you be in the area, we welcome you to come by – or simply to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Very Truly Yours,

Jacqueline Striano
Principal, Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School

The first PTO meeting of the year will be held on Thursday, August 29th at two different times.  The new Principal Jacqueline Striano will have a meet and greet with parents. The first time will be at 7:30am and the second time will be at 6:30pm on August 29th. You do not need to be in the PTO to attend this meeting but we do hope you will consider learning about the plans for the PTO for this upcoming school year. Please RSVP if you plan to attend this meeting since we will be having light refreshments and would like to plan appropriate seating. This meeting will be held in the Media Center. To RSVP, please fill out the form here.

Open House for parents of all high school students will be held on Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 6p.m. The program begins in the high school auditorium, and we hope you will mark your calendar for this evening so that you can learn about your students’ classes and our goals for the coming school year.
Save the date! The Fall Play this year will be November 21st and November 22nd this year. This is last year’s awesome cast and crew!

Don’t forget to do your summer reading! Instructions can be found on our school web page under the Summer Reading tab. Discussions will take place at the beginning of school on Wednesday, September 11th!

For this coming school year, the administrative team has set up a blog for parents, students, and other community members to follow throughout the school year. The link to the blog is: and will include the most up to date calendar with twitter feeds and all of our most recent news will be posted here. We hope you enjoy this instantaneous form of communication.  Hopefully, this new form of communication will allow you to see all the pertinent information in a centralized spot. This blog also gives us the potential to use video as a communications tool! To sign up for daily updates to your inbox, enter your email address at the bottom of the blog page.
In April, our teachers and students joined forces to devote a day to spread the word to end the use of the “r” word.

Below is next year’s Bell Schedule. It is the same as last year but is important for incoming ninth graders to know for their first day of school!
School Schedule 2013-2014
7:17 – 8:47
Green Day Period 1
Gold Day Period 1
8:51 – 10:19
Green Day Period 2
Gold Day Period 2
10:23 – 12:18 (Lunch incl.)
Green Day Period 3
Gold Day Period 3
12:22 – 1:51
Green Day Period 4
Gold Day Period 4
Below you will find some of the major changes to the handbook for the upcoming school year:
·         To comply with Mass Core Requirements, students will need to take 5 credits of Fine and Practical Arts.
·         To raise the rigor and increase academic expectations, the passing grade in classes will be raised to 65%.
·         The new tardy, dismissal, and attendance procedure is listed in table below:

Every 4 unexcused absences per term=Saturday School (8am-12pm)
Every 5 unexcused tardies/dismissals per term=Saturday School (8am-12pm)
8 unexcused absences in a semester will result in student losing social privileges (includes extracurricular activities)
8 unexcused tardies/dismissals in a semester will result in student losing social privileges (includes extracurricular activities)
8 unexcused absences in a semester will result in student losing driving privileges
8 unexcused tardies/dismissals in a semester will result in student losing driving privileges
·         Hats are not to be carried during the school day and will be implemented as a procedure of “off and out of sight.” Staff will collect the hat and hand it to administrator. The student will collect their hat back when the detention is made up.
·         Any clothing, referring to tops and bottoms, must eliminate any inappropriate exposure of skin. Administrative discretion will be utilized as to appropriateness.
·         Skirts, dresses, and shorts should be without gaps or holes in the fabric.  The length of skirts must be appropriate at the discretion of the administration. All pants should be fastened securely above the hips.
·         Students cannot wear sunglasses during the school day unless the student has provided a medical note with permission.
·         The new cellular phone procedure is listed below.
1st Violation
Teacher collects phone and returns to student when he/she stays for teacher detention. If student cannot stay for detention, student will receive phone back and arrange office detention with administrator.
2nd Violation
Student gives cell phone to administrator each morning and is able to receive the phone back at the end of the school day. Students follow this protocol for one week. Student is also assigned one office detention.
3rd Violation
Parent called and must pick up phone. Student will stay for office detention. Future violations will result in greater consequences.
·         No athletes are to be excused from physical education and be permitted to participate in extracurricular practices or contests.

The entire student handbook can be found here. Handbook changes that are explained in more detail can be found here.
Bus routes will be published on the school website as soon as we have them available.
Students will be able to purchase parking permits on August 21st and August 28th from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. The form will be available online on the main page.

In order to ensure the safety of all as traffic enters and exits the school campus, students will need to adhere to the following traffic patterns and parking restrictions:

ARRIVALS: 6:45-7:15 a.m.
Student Vehicles - can come from either New Street or Horton Street and proceed towards the designated student parking areas;
Drop-Off Vehicles - can come from either New Street or Horton Street and proceed toward the circle at the Rehoboth entrance. After dropping off students, traffic proceeds around the traffic circle and back to New Street. Please be mindful of all crosswalks and stop lines, and be aware of student and faculty drivers entering and exiting parking lots as you enter and exit the drop-off area.
Staff Vehicles - can come from either New Street or Horton Street and proceed towards the designated staff parking areas;
Buses - All buses will come from Horton Street onto Regional Road and proceed towards their designated drop off area at the Dighton entrance.

DEPARTURES: 1:15 p.m.-2:15 p.m.
Student Vehicles - will leave from the designated student parking areas and proceed towards either New Street or Horton Street; Student vehicles must yield to departing school buses and any failure to do so may result in a loss of driving/parking privileges!
Pick-Up Vehicles - will leave from the designated pick-up area at the traffic island on Regional Road and exit towards either New Street or Horton Street, and under no circumstances may students be picked up in the parking lot in front of the new two-story addition, or in front of the new Rehoboth entrance!
Buses - Rehoboth buses will leave from the Rehoboth entrance and exit towards New Street; Dighton buses will leave from the Dighton entrance and exit towards Horton Street.
Please note: All drivers must observe and adhere to safe driving practices. The use of safety belts and a speed limit of 15 M.P.H. will be strictly enforced on school grounds, and police officers and school administrators will be on duty to enforce these regulations. Any failure to comply may result in a traffic citation and/or the loss of driving and parking privileges for students.

The School Committee has authorized a $60, non-refundable parking fee.
Students are authorized to park in:
1) the lot across from the cafeteria; 2) the newly paved lot; and 3) the non-reserved section (the last row) of the gym lot (the first three rows are reserved for faculty).
Parking will be provided to junior and seniors with a valid sticker. Seniors and juniors who desire a parking sticker must read, review, and complete the Application for Driving a Motor Vehicle to School, and present it to a member of the administration; once the application is approved, seniors and juniors will be given a parking sticker. This application is available online. Again, parking permits will be sold before school opens on August 21st and 28th.

Students will have until October 1 to procure a parking permit, after which citations may be issued. Parking privileges may also be placed on probation or revoked based on poor attendance or excessive lateness to school. Any student who parks illegally (i.e. without a properly displayed permit or in a spot marked No Parking or staff parking) will be towed at his/her expense.
If space permits, students who are eligible to drive after first semester may purchase a half-year permit for $30.00.

Parents are able to drop students off in front of the building at the Rehoboth entrance. Traffic will move around the Rehoboth circle to the left and toward the building. Students parking in the senior and “gravel” lots will bear left into the parking lots, while parents will stay to the right, dropping students at the sidewalk by the Rehoboth entrance. After dropping off students, parents and those dropping off students will proceed around the circle and back out toward Regional Road.

You will need to exercise extreme caution in the crossover area where parents will be exiting and students entering the parking lot. Also, be aware that there is heavy pedestrian traffic where students cross from the parking lots into the building. No drop-offs are permitted at the Dighton circle, which is where bus drop-offs occur in the morning.
Before you know it, our students will be returning to D-R for another fun year of learning!

The School understands that dress is often a reflection of individual taste and is often part of a person’s identity. Nevertheless, in order to maintain optimum conditions under which learning can take place effectively and safely, the school must establish guidelines that govern the wearing of any item that materially and substantially interferes with the operation of a normal school day. The following rules have been adopted not to produce conformity, but to ensure a safe, effective learning environment.

At Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School, students are expected to be neat and clean in appearance and dress in good taste. The following guidelines should be followed:
1.        For health and safety, footwear must be worn at all times.
2.        Garments designed as underwear, sleepwear or are transparent garments must not be worn as outerwear. Pants must not display underwear.
3.        Hats, bandanas, hoods, visors, and all other head coverings are prohibited in the school building (except for religious purposes, medical reasons).  Hats are not to be carried during the school day and will be implemented as a procedure of “off and out of sight.” Staff will collect the hat and hand to administrator until detention is made up.
4.        Heavy chains, spiked collars or bracelets and choke collars are not permitted.
5.        Any clothing, referring to tops and bottoms, must eliminate any exposure of skin at the waist.
6.        Skirts, dresses, and shorts should be without gaps or holes in the fabric.  The length of skirts must be appropriate at the discretion of the administration. All pants should be fastened securely above the hips.
7.        Clothing that depicts graphics, text, or depictions of actions against school procedure or against the law are prohibited.
8.        Students cannot wear sunglasses during school unless a doctor’s note is provided for medical reasons.

Administrators will determine if a violation of dress code regulations has occurred; after meeting with the administrator, the student’s parents will be called, and students will be required to change into more appropriate dress. Students refusing to comply will be sent home.

All students will be receiving their schedule in the mail by the end of August with their locker number, locker combination and their guidance counselor’s name. Please be aware of the guidance counselor name as we have made changes to the way the guidance counselors are assigned. Also, included will be a copy of the tentative guidance department calendar listing the important key dates (dates could change).

Guidance counselors will be available to make schedule changes on August 27th, 28th and 29th. Students will also be able to make changes until September 13th by appointment. Students can make schedule changes for the following reasons listed below: inappropriate level, unmet prerequisite, scheduling error. Schedules will not be changed for the following: convenience, to be with a friend, change a teacher, no longer interested in course.
Helpful websites for parents and students:
College Testing: SAT's vs. ACT's 
SAT: -register for the SAT's, send SATs scores and college information. Students are encouraged to create a personal account on this website. Follow the prompts through the STUDENT link.
September 6th is the deadline to sign up for the October 5th SAT test!
ACT: - register for the ACT through this website
August 23rd is the deadline to sign up for the September 21st ACT test!
Financial Aid (FAFSA)
Students and families should begin this process during the Fall of senior year. 
  • Students and Parents/Guardians should apply for a PIN (Personal Identification Number) ideally during November/December of the students senior year.  Students and Parents/Guardians can apply for their PIN as early as the student’s junior year.
  • Students and Parents/Guardians should begin applying for Financial Aid, with the parent/guardians most recent tax documents, as early as January of the student’s senior year. Each school/college has their own Financial Aid Priority Deadline.  All students and families should refer to the schools website for specific deadlines. -Financial aid application to determine federal student aid. Students and Parents will be required to apply for a PIN (Personal Identification Number) in order to apply for Financial Aid. -Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority
CSS Profile -  Online application that collects information used by certain colleges and scholarship programs to award institutional aid funds. - Forms needed for Division I and II sports - Common application for college admissions - Naviance college and career readiness solutions help connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals, and improve college and career planning. This website is required to be used by all students; students will be given a username during their freshman year. - Helpful website for parents to look at to help their son/daughter with college planning. There is an action plan for grade 9-12. Please take a look at it and talk to your child.
New This Year:
Guidance counselors will now be available weekly on Friday mornings from 7:30am-8:30am for parent/guardian questions or if you need help with anything. No appointments are necessary!
The road to graduation is challenging but well-worth it when graduation comes. The Class of 2014 will await their graduation June 7, 2014!


Here is an article and picture from the Taunton Gazette that highlighted the Freshmen Transition Program that occurred from July 26th to August 1st.
Note: There will be a separate newsletter with Athletic Information coming soon!