Monday, August 26, 2013

Free and Reduced Lunch Information:

Have you filled out a “Free and Reduced Lunch” form?
Did You Know?
Ø  Completing a Free and reduced Lunch application can help our schools.
Most all of our grant eligibility is determined by “the number of students that are eligible” for Free and reduced lunch.  While some families choose not to participate or complete the paperwork- doing so would actually bring more funding into our schools and classrooms. We welcome you to consider completing the paperwork even if you do not wish to access the lunch program.

Ø  Financial Eligibility is determined confidentially and does not require supporting documentation.
Everything needed for eligibility is included on the forms.  These materials are processed confidentially through our Dighton-Rehoboth district office.

Ø  Students receiving Free or Reduced Lunch are anonymous or unidentifiable in the lunch lines.
There is no stigma with the Free lunch program.  To pay for lunch, all students enter a confidential code in a keypad. Most all students keep a running account carrying no lunch money in pocket.

Ø  We are willing to help you with the forms. The form is here:
Sometimes completing unfamiliar paperwork is difficult.  Let us help you!  If you would like some support in completing the documents please contact Gail Fisher at DRRHS 508-252-5000 (X140)

In these challenging economic times- please consider taking time to determine if you might benefit from this program. 

Remember, your “eligibility” will help all of our students by bringing quality resources, programming and professional development to our district.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.