Friday, September 6, 2013

Message from the Principal

Greetings DR Blog Community! 
As the first week of school draws to a close, we wanted to express our sincere thanks to our students, staff and parents for a successful and seamless opening of the '13-'14 school year.

Students arrived excited and enthusiastic, and being new to the community, I was again touched and impressed by their willingness to say hello, direct me around the school (they are more adept then I am!) and their ability to easily converse with adults. Moreover, it was gratifying to watch their respect for each other....welcoming new students to their school, holding the doors for someone with arms full of books....And their respect, of course for their teachers. As the first day started, students and teachers were busily working in classrooms. As the administrators walked the corridors, we were delighted to stop in and listen to students ask about course expectations and requirements, as well as to hear them exclaim to us, "look what we are doing!" We love that there is excitement about learning at DR!

As we stated in our previous communications, when our doors opened at 6:45am, students reported to the cafeteria and auditorium. They attended classes, then arrived at grade level assemblies in which we addressed each class specifically, with an eye to their own needs. We were impressed with our newest arrivals, most of who attended the Transition Program and knew their way around...they were experts! Like their upperclassmen peers - they knew our core values, and we centered our discussions around respect for self, others, and the school community.

Each class met with administrators and their guidance counselors. In addition to discussing regular protocols and procedures, conversations about safety were paramount. Please ask your child what they learned, as we are stressing a proactive and open approach. Their questions and comments were good ones - and we are pleased with what we are seeing in the building already. They are listening and aware as young adults -- and we salute their good decorum.

As a community, we would like to thank our partners in the greater Dighton area - our building inspectors, our fire and police chiefs..they truly helped us to successfully open school and they continue to work with us to move forward.

As we approach the weekend, please make plans for some rest and relaxation, some quiet reading (summer reading seminars take place on the 11th!) and some talk about all the exciting things that students are learning. Stopping them in the halls, they are eager to talk and share - how exciting it is for us to listen!

Thank you for YOUR support as we move ahead to week 2. We hope to see you on Thursday evening for classroom visits with teachers!

All the best - 
Jackie Striano, Principal