Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Week Ahead at DRRHS: 9/9-9/13

We had a wonderful first week with the students at DRRHS. Student met their own teachers, reacquainted with their friends, and most importantly, got back into the daily routine of  school which includes getting up early!

As we look to next week, here is what to look for:

Monday 9/9:

Tuesday 9/10:

Wednesday 9/11:
Summer Reading Discussions will take place today. There will be a special schedule for students.

The day will begin with students completing summer reading in their groups in what we call Block X. Please check your room assignments posted outside the library since you will report to Session A immediately to start the school day. Ask your English teacher if you are unclear where to go.

Summer Reading Session #A: 7:17-8:00am7:17 to  8:00
Summer Reading Session #B: 8:04-8:43am8:04 to 8:43

Period 1: 8:47-9:40am (53 minutes)
Period 2: 9:44-10:40am:(56 minutes)
Period 3: 10:44-12:28pm  (74 minutes+30 minute lunch)
Period 4: 12:32-1:51pm (79 minutes)

Lunch Schedule: 
1st Lunch: 10:44-11:14am
2nd Lunch: 11:21-11:51am
3rd Lunch: 11:58-12:28pm

Thursday 9/12:
Tonight is the Open House. All parents should come to meet their child's teachers and learn about course expectations. The event begins at 6pm and we ask that you bring a copy of your child's schedule with you.

Friday 9/13:
Today is the Last Day for Schedule Changes. Please be sure to see your Guidance Counselor!
Don't forget all parents are welcome to drop by Guidance for drop-ins without an appointment from 7:30-8:30am.

Just a reminder that the sports action can be viewed on our calendar on the right side of the blog.