Friday, October 4, 2013

Science: Building an Ecosystem

In Mrs. Rose and Ms. D'Agostino's AP/Honors Environmental class, students were tasked with building an ecosystem column.  We had a great opportunity to talk with seniors Nate LaChance and Austin Burrows who described each layer for us.  There are three levels to the ecosystem:
Level 1: The terrestrial layer, which encompass plants and soil.
Level 2: The decomposition layer, which is filled with decomposed fruit, bugs, coffee grounds, leaves, and bugs (fruit flies)
Level 3: The aquatic layer, which has a living fish, plants, and two snails that eat the plants, which releases nitrogen which releases into the other two layers. In about two-three weeks the ecosystem will be self sufficient and you will no longer need to feed the fish.

Below is a photo of seniors Nathan LaChance (left) and Austin Burrows (right) holding their tri-level ecosystem. Great pose gentlemen!