Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Superintendent’s Search Committee Announcement

Superintendent’s Search Committee Announcement

The School Committee is beginning the process of selecting a new Superintendent of Schools for the Dighton~Rehoboth Regional School District.  A Search Committee is being formed, which will consist of parents, members of the faculty, administrators, School Committee members, and community members/
stakeholders. The Search Committee will be responsible for selecting finalists for the position of Superintendent of Schools.

The Search Committee will initially meet November 14, 2013 at 4:00 PM, with Mr. Glenn Koocher, Massachusetts Association of School Committees President.  Mr. Koocher will conduct an orientation program for all members of the Search Committee.  This meeting should last approximately 1 ½ hours.  Subsequently, the Search Committee will be receiving all applications that meet the Superintendent candidate requirements, previously set forth by the School Committee, and will be asked to review each application.  This meeting will take place in mid-January.  Meetings with potential candidates will take place in mid-to-late January, and will involve participating in up to four (4) meetings.  Optimistically, these 4 meetings will take place in one week, will begin at 4:00 PM, and last approximately 3 hours each.  Search Committee members

If you would like to be considered as a parent representative on this committee, please email Ms. Kellie Fagan, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, at  You will need to include your full name, address, your home and cell phone numbers, as well as a short explanation of why you would like to be considered as a member of the Search Committee, and be able to participate in all of the scheduled meetings.

Thank you for considering being part of this important decision for our School District.

Raymond Medeiros, Chairperson
Dighton~Rehoboth Regional School Committee