Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Senior Information: Prom/Senior Supper

Tickets for both Senior Supper and Senior Prom will be available for purchase Monday, May 5 – Friday, May 9.  Please read the following information carefully.  If you have questions, please contact Stephanie Bacon, Class of 2014 Advisor:sbacon@drregional.org.

-Tickets will be available after school only in Room 121.

-All seniors and D-R guests must submit a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian in order to purchase prom tickets.   All outside guests must submit a guest contract.  Both forms will be available in the main office and in room 121 after April vacation.

-Senior Supper: $25 per person (families welcome)

*Students must purchase tickets, too!

-Senior Prom: $ 65 per person; $5 discount for graduating seniors who have paid class dues all four years
-Cash or check made payable to “DRRHS” are acceptable methods of payment.

-Those purchasing tickets to both events and paying by check should please bring two separate checks, one for Senior Supper tickets and one for Senior Prom tickets.