Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Hey DR!!!   I hope you all enjoyed the DR Homecoming Dance last night!! 
You kids were so well behaved!  
It really makes us want to do more for you guy's. And we will!!  
Hope to see you all at THE GAME tomorrow morning, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!!  Mr. Kelley 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

College Planning and Financial Aid Night at DR

Mark your calendars for December 4th!!

The Massachusetts Education Financing Authority (MEFA) is presenting a College Planning and Financial Aid Seminar at DR on Thursday December 4th in the auditorium.  This free seminar is for families to get a jump start on early college planning, applying for admissions and financial aid, and understanding the college financing process. Expert speakers from MEFA are also available after the presentation for questions.

Find out more about MEFA here

Homecoming tickets TONIGHT

Homecoming tickets will be available tonight at the door!  There are only a few left so get there on the early side if you want to get in!!   See you ALL at the dance!!!   Mr. Kelley

Spirit Week Pictures

Daily Announcements 11/25

Anyone interested in playing boys' freshman basketball should report to tryouts on Monday, December 1 @ 2:30 p.m. All boys' upperclassmen should report for tryouts on Monday, December 1 @ 5 p.m.  All players must have proper registration to try out.

Reminder to Pro Musica and Flute Ensemble members:  the Dighton Tree-Lighting is on Saturday.  Please meet inside the Dighton Town Hall by 3:30.

Girls basketball tryouts begin Monday and go from 2-5pm. Players should have all paper work in by that time and be registered on

Attention freshman football players: 
If you are NOT participating with the varsity this week - make sure you return all equipment and game jerseys by MONDAY. Players will be charged for all equipment not returned. 
Congratulations to the Freshman Football team for a very successful season. The young falcons finished their season on last week by defeating Seekonk by a score of 32-0. They finished their season undefeated and untied with a 10-0 record.


DR....Last chance to buy "DR Homecoming Dance Tickets" today in the cafe. ALL three lunch's!!  
*$10.00 each!! 
*Don't forget your ticket to get in!!   
*If you leave the dance for any reason, you WILL NOT be allowed back into this event!  
*Remember the three A's.  Appropriate clothing, Appropriate behavior, and Appropriate language! 
* I truly want everyone have a great time tonight, BUT be please be safe! 
 We care about each and everyone one of you. 
See you all at the BIG DANCE 6:30 to 10:30 
* Have your rides ready to pick you up promptly at 10:30
 Thanks  Mr. Kelley   GO FALCONS!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Daily Announcements 11/24

Freshman boys' basketball tryouts will be held from 2:30-4:30 on Monday, December 1.  All upperclassmen should report for tryouts @ 5 p.m. On Monday, 12/1. All players must have the proper registration paperwork turned in by the first practice.

A reminder that there is a brief Portuguese Club meeting today after school in room 122.

The Portuguese Club Coat drive will continue until tomorrow. Please bring any coats to room 122 or to a member.

Attention Senior class!:  Thanks to your generous and winning contributions last spring in the Leo Club Coin Fundraiser, your reward of Ice Cream Sandwiches will be available today in the Senior Cafeteria.  Congratulations, and enjoy!!

Monday and Tuesday Special Schedules

Period 1:  7:17 – 8:12
Period 2:  8:16– 9:11
Period 4:  9:15 – 10:10
Period 3 and lunch:  10:14 – 12:00

First lunch:  10:14 – 10:44; Second lunch:  10:48 – 11:18; Third lunch:  11:22 – 11:52
All students will be in period 3 class when called to the gym. Students in third lunch return to period 3 class at 11:52am.

Period 1:  7:17 – 8:12
Period 2:  8:16– 9:11
Period 4:  9:15 – 10:10
Period 3 and lunch:  10:14 – 12:00

First lunch:  10:14 – 10:44; Second lunch:  10:48 – 11:18; Third lunch:  11:22 – 11:52
All students will be in period 3 class when called to the gym. Students in third lunch return to period 3 class.

Homecoming Dance Tickets!!

Hey DR!!!   Don't forget to buy your "DR Homecoming Dance Tickets" today in the cafe. They are $10.00 ea.They are going fast so don't miss out!!!  GO FALCONS!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

This Week & The Week Ahead

This Week & The Week Ahead
            This week we completed our 2014 NEASC Accreditation visit.  We would like to thank our students for being on their best behavior.   On several occasions, the committee made note that we have an excellent student body who is respectful and welcomed the visiting committee on a daily basis.   After two years of preparation and reflection, the visiting committee announced their preliminary findings Wednesday afternoon to the faculty.  We will receive our official report in the spring of 2015.
  1. Leadership: One of their strongest concerns was regarding the inconsistency in leadership and the significant turnover over the last four years.   With turnover, it is difficult to follow through with goals, build trust and faith, and the uncertainty of the future creates an unsafe working and learning environment.  However, the committee noted that we are “coming out of this study in a positive way,” and the culture seems to be moving in a positive direction with the new superintendent and administration at the high school. 
  2. Core Values: Our DRRHS core values:  Respect, Responsibility, Independence, Integrity, and Excellence are “very strong and they are alive and well” within the school.  There was a lot of evidence of the core values during the four day visit.
  3. Expectations for Student Learning: Our expectations for student learning need some attention.  We are using the expectations including reporting these learning expectations out to the community on our report cards but results are not as powerful as they could be.  We need to take the information from the expectations and use it to improve our school and student achievement.  
  4. Curriculum/Unit Design: Our everyday taught curriculum is strong, but not sustainable.  It does not seem to be a stable curriculum that is shared and documented.  More people need to be involved with developing curriculum.  There needs to be a common format.
  5. Assessments: Our assessment practices are comprehensive and impressive. An area that needs attention is the expectations for student learning (as previously stated). Engagement is at a high level and differentiated instruction is strong in each classroom.
  6. Scheduling: Leadership and staff need to figure out common planning time to enrich curriculum.
  7. Student Services: Student services are comprehensive but do need improvement.  Every member of the team is confident that the leadership will improve the program.
  8. Media Center: The Library/Media Center should be the heartbeat of the school and that is currently not happening.  The media specialist must be integrated into curriculum development, summer professional development, and leadership meetings.
  9. Community Resources: DRRHS is the most important institute in the DR community.  The community needs to embrace the school.  We should not be the “middle child.” The NEASC committee is hopeful with the expectations of the new leadership to bring us to a better place so the community will support the high school through the allocation of funding for adequate resources for student learning and safety.   
In March, we will receive the full report from NEASC. For now, these key findings will help us address our most immediate needs.

Winter Sports Announcement:
Any student who is going to participate in winter sports.  Please sign up here.  

Inside the Classroom:
In Mr. Lovejoy's Oceanography class, students modeled the 3-dimensional aspects of water crystallizing (freezing) into ice to help understand the relationship between electronegativity, molecular angles and the open-hexagon structure that answers the huge question..."Why does Ice float?" This was part of a larger unit on Seawater physics and chemistry. 
To help the process (and after a dose of hand sanitizer) students made water molecules out of Marshmallows (Oxygen), Gummy Bears (Hydrogens) and Toothpicks (regular for covalent bonds and shaded for unpaired electrons of Oxygen). Along with engaging the students, a sugary snack was enjoyed by most participants!

In Mrs. Rose’s AP Environmental Science class, students have developed an Aquaponic System.  An aquaponic system is an interaction between a terrestrial and an aquatic system. The idea behind it is to have each of the two individual systems feed off of one another. The plants benefit from the wastes of the fish and the fish benefit from the plants returning clear water to the fish tank. By placing the terrestrial chamber on top of the aquatic chamber and pumping water from the bottom to the top we created a system that loops nutrients and will eventually become self-sustainable.
            The staple nutrient that we are concerned with is nitrogen. Nitrogen can be found in various forms in our system. It gets converted between the various forms by bacteria living in the water and the terrestrial chamber. Our plants don’t live in soil, they live in special stones known as hydro pebbles. These hydro pebbles are better for the growth of bacteria in our system. We are testing two varieties: the hydrostones are made out of recycled glass and the hydroton is made out of a clay based material. It will be interesting to discover which medium proves more efficient in boosting the chemical cycles of our system.

Seniors from left to right: Seth Lundstrom, Alyssa Masciarelli, and Bram Stebbings

Our students and staff made food today to celebrate Thanksgiving as a class.  Nice work Mr. Kulpa and Mrs. Pimento!  The food looks delicious! 

On Thursday, we kicked off Spirit Week 2014.  The “DRRHS Penny Wars” was in full swing, as students added pennies to their class jar and adding silver coins and dollar bills to the senior jar to deduct points.  Our students and faculty were dressed in head to toes in Neon attire! Check out the pictures to see our school spirit around the school.On Thursday night, our Freshman Football team defeated Seekonk High School to remain undefeated this season.  Congratulations on a successful football season.  

 Seniors have the most pennies, and also the most silver and dollar bills in their jar.  

Science Department "Science is Fun": From left to right: Bottom Row; Ms. Owens, Mrs. Rose, and Ms. D'Agostino. Middle Row: Mrs. Walsh, and Mrs. O'Gara.  Top Row: Mr. Lovejoy, Ms. McCabe, Mrs. Dubois, Ms. Saxon, and Mr. Grover.  

On Friday it was Disney Day at Dighton-Rehoboth and both faculty and students demonstrated their creativity and teamwork in finding costumes.  Most importantly Spirit Week is about helping our community.  Since Monday, students from all grades started their annual “Can Food Drive.”  Mr. Harrison (Freshman/Juniors) and Ms. DiGioia (Sophomore/Senior) made a friendly competition that whichever class won the can food drive, their Class President would pie the face of the opposing administrator.  

Our "Incredible" Guidance Department: From left to right:  Mrs. Maidment, Mrs. Donahue, Mrs. Tremblett, Mrs. Payne, and Mr. Garcia.  

Math Department's Toy Soldiers (Toy Story): From left to right: Ms. Burnham, Mrs. Provonsil, Mrs. Deschenes, Mr. Boisvert, Mrs. Rozzero, and Mrs. Enos.

Foreign Language Princes and Princesses: Mrs. Hart, Mrs. Lomba, Ms. Barbosa, Mr. Augusto, Ms. deAguiar, and Mr. Sabella.  

History's Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs: From left to right: Ms. Mathias, Mr. Moura, Ms. King, Ms. Kelley, Ms. Beckett, Mr. Pacheco, Mr. DeMello, Mr. Cooke, and Mr. Delano.  

Mr. Cooke and Ms. Beckett who are advisors of Student Government organized our most successful Canned Food Drive in DR history. Many families in our community will benefit from your generosity.  All of our students were able to raise over 8,000 food items totaling over 4 tons of food. 

The D-R staff finished off their 2nd annual turkey drive on Friday. Over the past two weeks, staff members have donated enough money to purchase 44 turkeys that will be given to the Rehoboth Food Pantry. Mr. Loell spearheaded the project and students from the D-R Transition and SAIL programs took care of the purchase and delivery. 

The Week Ahead:

Period 1:  7:17 – 8:12
Period 2:  8:16– 9:11
Period 4:  9:15 – 10:10
Period 3 and lunch:  10:14 – 12:00

First lunch:  10:14 – 10:44; Second lunch:  10:48 – 11:18; Third lunch:  11:22 – 11:52
All students will be in period 3 class when called to the gym. Students in third lunch return to period 3 class at 11:52am.

Seniors will be dressed in GREEN for Senior Appreciation Day.  Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors should be dressed in YELLOW

Period 1:  7:17 – 8:12
Period 2:  8:16– 9:11
Period 4:  9:15 – 10:10
Period 3 and lunch:  10:14 – 12:00

First lunch:  10:14 – 10:44; Second lunch:  10:48 – 11:18; Third lunch:  11:22 – 11:52
All students will be in period 3 class when called to the gym. Students in third lunch return to period 3 class.

ALL students demonstrate your school pride by wearing BOTH GREEN & GOLD

Captain's Dance: 6:30 in the DRRHS Gymnasium.  Dress in formal attire.  

GO Falcons! 

Daily Announcements 11/21

Spirit Shirt are in.  You can pick them up in Room 114 at end of the day.
Anyone interested in trying out for Winter Cheerleading, there will be an athlete & parent meeting in the small cafeteria on Monday, November 24th at 6:30 pm. 

Congratulations to the DR Varsity Football Team for winning the SCC Sportsmanship Award this year.

Attn: Students:  Tuesday, November 25th is make your own waffle day during all lunches with your choice of assorted toppings.  Be sure to take advantage of this yummy treat!!

There is a student government meeting after school in the small cafe. We need EVERYONE'S help to prep for the can drive sorting on Saturday. Please see Mr. Cooke or Ms. Beckett for questions. We will also meet at the Rehoboth entrance on Saturday morning at 9 am.

A reminder that the Portuguese Club coat drive continues until Tuesday and if you have any coats please bring them to room 122 or to a Portuguese Cub member (children's coats are also accepted).

There will be a brief but important meeting for the Portuguese Club this coming Monday  after school in room 122. The Open house, coat drive and Lasallet outing will be discussed.

Just a reminder that there are still team spots left for the Fall Showdown Volleyball tournament, to be held in the gym on Friday, December 5th at 7:00 pm. Entry forms are available in the Crossroads school store in room 219, don't miss the fun. This year's prediction is that the team of teachers will rule the floor and win the entire event!

Congratulations to our Freshmen Football Team for an undefeated season with an amazing record of 10 and 0.

This Week's Edition of DR News!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Can Drive Announcement

First of all, congratulations to DR as a community in supporting the local food banks by donating over 8,400 cans and food items,over 4 tons of food, almost quadrupling last year’s record! The amount of families helped, and the increased spirit of the surrounding communities are the most important benefits of our efforts. In regards to the winner, as well as the circumstances surrounding the can drive, it has been decided that the Classes of 2015 and 2016 will share both the victory and the spirit week points. This tie will put both classes in the lead for the upcoming spirit week events, and members of both classes are expected to support each other and engage in friendly competition. The efforts of all classes have been truly unbelievable! To address the events that took place in school on Friday, although they were unprecedented, they were ruled fair, and the decision to count all donations was made due to the worthy cause. The focus of students should be to get ready for next week’s festivities! Show your spirit DR, we’re in for an intense competition!

Spirit Week Day #2


The Guidance Department

Jasmine, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Mulan, Belle, and the Beast

The English Department

DR Students purchasing turkeys with money staff raised to support local community. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Homecoming dance

Hey DR,   Don't forget to buy your Homecoming dance tickets tomorrow at lunch!!  Thx Mr. Kelley

Neon Day for Spirit Week

Pictures from second lunch crew celebrating NEON Day!

And the Science Department showing off their Neon!

High Fives

Congratulations to Carly Bell and Alex Rebello for being this week's High Fives!

Daily Announcements 11/20

The Homecoming tickets will be sold in the cafeteria during lunch periods  starting on Thursday, November 20th to Nov. 25th.  The cost is $10.00 per person.  You may pick up a guest form when you buy your ticket.

Auditions for the Theatre Company's production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast will be held on December 4 from 2:00-3:30 in the Auditorium. Dancers, singers, and actors are needed. Sign up in room 303. See Mrs. LaSalle with any questions.

Spirit Shirt are in.  You can pick them up in Room 114 at end of the day today or before and after school tomorrow.

Congratulations to the DR Math Team for a strong 3rd place finish at yesterday's Math Meet.  Congratulations also go to high scorers Tyler Jacob and Jordan Williams and special congratulations to the legend that is Greg Fine.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DR Mock Trial Kicks off Season!

The DR Mock Trial Team spent the past weekend at Harvard University attending a two day Harvard Mock Trial Seminar program, where they were trained by the Harvard Crimson Mock Trial Team.  Students participated in an ice cream social in Harvard Yard, were given a college tour, and participated in an admissions question and answer session by the Harvard Mock Trial students.  The weekend concluded with a scrimmage against two other state teams.  The Mock Trial Team kicks off their season with a bang!

Senior Portraits Needed

Spirit Week Info

Just a reminder to all students who were selected to participate in this year’s tug: Final weigh-ins will take place tomorrow(11/20) before and after school in room 217.  As this is to ensure the safety of all participants, students who do not weigh in will be ineligible to participate. No exceptions will be made, so please plan your time accordingly. 

To all of the D-R community, Spirit Week 2014 kicks off tomorrow with Neon Day! Dress to impress in your favorite neon garb and earn spirit week points for your class. Please practice good taste. Dress code regulations still apply, so we should not see any bare midsections or undergarments. Please use common sense.
Finally, don’t forget your non-perishables and cans! With many families in our community in need this year, your donations mean more than ever. Thank you to all the students and staff who have already donated. You generosity is appreciated!
May the most spirited class win! Go Falcons!

Daily Announcements 11/19

Attention Juniors and Seniors:  Representatives from Universal Technical Institute and Johnson & Wales Culinary will be visiting this week.  Interested students may sign up in advance in the Guidance Center.  Sign-ups will not be allowed the day of the college visit.

Sunday was a big day for DR’s National Honor Society students, Sophia Szydlowski, Bram Stebbings, Jon Eddy and Quentin Small.  They represented DR at “Super Sunday” at WGBH Studios in Boston.  They are one of 120 high schools from across Massachusetts who competed for a chance to take part in Season 6 of the High School Quiz Show on WGBH.  Each academic team took an identical oral quiz of 100 questions based on the Massachusetts curriculum.  The top 16 teams will advance to play on a televised, single-elimination, bracketed academic tournament. The season will culminate with a Governor’s Cup Challenge, which will pit Massachusetts’ winner against New Hampshire’s top team.  We will find out later this month if our team qualified to be on the televised High School Quiz Show! 

Hello National Honor Society students, Any student who is interested in participating in the Honor Bowl competition need to come to a very brief meeting after school on Thursday, November 20 in Mr. DeLano's social studies room 128.  If you cannot attend, but would like to be considered for an honor bowl team, please see Mrs. Payne or Mr. DeLano.  Thank you.

Congratulations to Chris Duffy, Nate Kowalski, Norman Manchester, Kyle Rose and Ben Silvia for being selected All-SCC in Football.  Congratulations to Kyle Cappiello and Jake Salera for being named Honorable Mention.

All students participating in Mr. DR, there will be a short mandatory meeting on Thursday after school in the small cafeteria.  If you have any questions, please see Sarah Hirst or Mr. Braga. 
Part-time job opportunities are available.  Please remember to check the Job Wall in Guidance.

Congratulations to Seth Rossi on his acceptance to Curry College and Southern New Hampshire University.  

Congratulations to the DR Mock Trial Team who spent the weekend at Harvard University with Mock Trial Teams across the country.  They participated in a seminar all weekend with the Harvard Crimson Mock Trial Team and participated in a campus tour and an admissions question and answer session with a student panel.   They closed the weekend with an impressive scrimmage judged by the Harvard Mock Trial Team.   The team began their season this month and hopes for another very successful year.

The Homecoming tickets will be sold in the cafeteria during lunch periods  starting on Thursday, November 20th to Nov. 25th.  The cost is $10.00 per person.  You may pick up a guest form when you buy your ticket.