Friday, January 30, 2015

Accessing Term 2 and Mid-Term Grades

At this time you should now be able to access your child's report card on the X2 Student/Parent Portal. This year you should be able to see the report card as a pdf file when you log-in under published links at the center of the page.

If not- please follow these directions:

Directions to See Report Card in PDF/Print Friendly Format

1) Log-in to X2.
2) Enter username and password. If you need your user name and password, please call the Guidance Office at 508-252-5050.
3) Select MY INFO at Top of Page.
4) Select TRANSCRIPTS on Left of Page.
5) You will be able to see the term 2 grades for your child under the T2 Column in the grid. For a print-friendly report card, at the top- Select REPORTS....Select Report Card HS Portal.
6) Change School Name to Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School and Term to 2. This will print out a report card when you run the report.
For any questions on how to access your child's grades, please contact the Guidance Office at 508-252-5050. If you have concerns regarding your child's grades, please contact the teacher directly.

Questions about Learning Expectations?
Expectation 1: The student will work independently and collaboratively to solve problems, analyze information, and create original products.

Expectation 2: The student will articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively using multiple tools and media for a variety of purpose.

Expectation 3: The student will use digital and other research tools to access, evaluate and effectively apply information appropriate for a variety of tasks and learning opportunities.

Expectation 4: The student will value and demonstrate personal responsibility, reliability, cultural understanding, and ethical behavior.

Expectation 5: The student will effectively apply knowledge to construct original products and ideas and to generate solutions to problems.

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