Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pilot Midterm Assessment Schedule

Dear Parent/Guardian,

            It is our sincere hope that this letter finds you well.   This year we will pilot a new midterm schedule.  Last year, the School Committee approved to increase the weight of our Midterm Assessments to 10% of the student’s final grade.  Since the exams account for a greater percentage of the student’s overall grade, we wanted to give students more time to prepare.  Subsequently, 60% of our students are involved in extracurricular activities after school and stay up late studying.  We wanted to create a schedule to accommodate our students, where they would start school on a delayed start schedule.
On Tuesday, January 20-Thursday, January 22, students will be in school from 10:30 am-1:51 pm.  We will be providing lunch to students since over 200 students stay after school on a daily basis.  On Friday, January 23, we will start school at our normal time of 7:17 am, but the students will be released at 10:50 am, with no lunch. 
            Bus transportation would be provided starting at approximately 9:30 am.  If your child takes the bus, they should ask their bus driver for an estimated pick up time for these three school days.  For students who would like to be dropped off earlier at school, the Media Center will be open from 7:30 am to 10:30 am.  In the Media Center, students will have an opportunity to sign up in the Media Center starting on Monday, January 12th to have access to computers, meet peers for small and focused study sessions, and silent studying.  Attached you will find a sample schedule with lunch assignments. 


Kevin P. Braga, Principal
508-252-5025 extension 5601

"Dighton Rehoboth Regional School District does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other legally protected group.”

English:  If you need this, or any other document translated into a different language, please notify the building principal.
French:  Si vous avez besoin d’une traduction de ce document ou d’un autre document, veuillez le signaler au directeur du lycée.
Spanish:  Si necesita este u otro documento traduzido, por favor comunique al director de la escuela.
Portuguese:  Se necesita este ou qualquer otro documento traduzido , por favor avise ao director da escolar.

*Sample Lunch Schedule:
·         First Lunch: If your student has English or a History exam Green Day Period 1, they will report to first lunch after attendance and announcements in their Period 1 classroom.
·         Second Lunch: If your student has Unified Arts (physical education, art, music, health, business) or a CTE exam Green Day Period 1, they will report to second lunch. 
·         Third Lunch: If your student has a Math exam Green Day Period 1, they will report to third.  After third lunch they will report to their Green Day Period 2 exam. 

MID TERM EXAM SCHEDULE 2014-2015 School Year
Tuesday, 1/20
Wednesday, 1/21
Thursday, 1/22
10:30 AM
Students report to Green Period 1 Day Class for Attendance and Daily Announcements
Students report to Gold Period 1 Day Class for Attendance and Daily Announcements
Students report to Green Period 3 Day Class for Attendance and Daily Announcements
10:30 AM-12:26PM (85 Minutes)
Green Period 1 Exam
Gold Period 1 Exam
Green Period 3 Exam
1st Lunch 10:35-11:05AM
English, History
(*If you have the above class during this lunch exam period
English, History
English, History
2nd Lunch 11:15-11:45AM
Unified Arts  or CTE
Unified Arts  or CTE
Unified Arts  or CTE
3rd Lunch 12:00-12:30PM
Math, Science, Foreign Language
Math, Foreign Language, Science
Math, Foreign Language, Science
12:30-1:51PM   (81 Minutes)
Green Period 2 Exam
Gold Period 2 Exam
Green Period 4 Exam
Friday, 1/23
7:17 AM
Students report to Gold Period 3 Day Class for Attendance and Daily Announcements
7:17-9:00 AM (103 Minutes)
Gold Period 3 Exam
9:00-9:10 AM
9:10-10:50 AM (100 Minutes)
Gold Period 4 Exam