Saturday, May 2, 2015

Talent Show Highlights

The Peer Leaders would like to thank everyone for their support at Friday night's Talent Show. We had another great show! Andrea Duncan and Lindsay Neville were our co-chairs and they did an amazing job. 
      We would like to give a special thanks to our judges: Jess Payne, Hilary Burnham, John Greenlees, and Dawn Dailey. In addition we would like to thank Mr. Botelho and Nolan McGovern for doing an outstanding job with our sound. Mr. Antani provided our crowd with his touch as or MC. 
      The winners were:
Tied for 3rd Place: 
Nathan Farris
Julie Araujo and Kim Ribero 

2nd Place:

Sydney and Jordan Flanagan

1st Place:
Julia McCarthy and Hannah McKearney

A special thanks to Mr. Nardozzi and his students who took these great pictures which can be seen below.