Monday, June 29, 2015

2014-2015 DRRHS End of Year Slideshow

End of Year Grade Information

Dear Students:
At this time you should now be able to access your report cards on the X2 Student/Parent Portal. This year you should be able to see the report card as a pdf file when you log-in under published links at the center of the page. 

If not- please follow these directions:

Directions to See Report Card in PDF/Print Friendly Format

1) Log-in to X2.
2) Enter username and password. If you need your user name and password, please call the Guidance Office at 508-252-5050.
3) Select MY INFO at Top of Page.
4) Select TRANSCRIPTS on Left of Page.
5) You will be able to see the term grades for your child under the columns in the grid. For a print-friendly report card, at the top- Select REPORTS....Select Report Card HS Portal.
6) Change School Name to Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School and Term to 4. This will print out a report card when you run the report.
For any questions on how to access your child's grades, please contact the Guidance Office at 508-252-5050. If you have concerns regarding your child's grades, please contact the teacher directly. Guidance Counselors will return August 25th for any scheduling questions. For information on summer school, please call the Guidance Office this week. 

Questions about Learning Expectations?

Expectation 1: The student will work independently and collaboratively to solve problems, analyze information, and create original products.

Expectation 2: The student will articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively using multiple tools and media for a variety of purpose.

Expectation 3: The student will use digital and other research tools to access, evaluate and effectively apply information appropriate for a variety of tasks and learning opportunities.

Expectation 4: The student will value and demonstrate personal responsibility, reliability, cultural understanding, and ethical behavior.

Expectation 5: The student will effectively apply knowledge to construct original products and ideas and to generate solutions to problems.

Dept. 1
Dept. 2
Dept. 3
Unified Arts
Foreign Language
Social Studies

Foreign Language
Unified Arts
Social studies

Friday, June 26, 2015

This Week and Summer is ahead!

As the year has come to a conclusion, we would like to thank all our students and parents for another successful year.  We appreciate our parents supporting their students each day.  As we reflect on the 2014-2015 school year we have several highlights this year (see school improvement plan below) that we are very proud, and we will continue to improve on areas that need some attention.  Our NEASC report gave us a blueprint to rectify some of those areas and we look forward to working with our community to address some of those concerns.
  • Our students continued to challenge themselves this year as more students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses.
  • Graduation rate improved to 97.1%
  • Virtual High School/Edgeunity coming to DR in September
  • 2 New Pathways created and 1 enhanced
    • Culinary Arts
    • Environmental Technology
    • Design & Engineering will begin its affiliation with a national STEM initiative (Project Lead The Way)
  • Special Olympics takes GOLD
    • Unified Track is started, while Unified Basketball continues to grow
  • English Teacher Mr. Deven Antani is a semifinalist for Teacher of the Year
  • Senior High FIVE’s were recognized for their achievements
  • Technology upgrades
    • 2 Chromebook carts with 25 chromebooks were integrated into classrooms
  • Boys and Girls Soccer teams played their first home games in over 10 years
  • Lacrosse is started as a club team this year.
  • Junior Awards Celebration
  • Student Government:
    • Historic Spirit Week: Students donate over 8,400 cans, which equates to over 12,000 meals for our local community
    • Organized our first annual 5K
  • Sold out Spring Musical Beauty and the Beast
  • Mr. DR and the Talent Show were successful
  • Safety Update: Students and Staff were trained in ALICE protocols
The Dighton-Rehoboth Regional School District’s Food Service Department recently evaluated many different computerized Point of Sale (POS) systems to increase the level of service and provide accurate school meal accounts.  After reviewing several systems, we are excited to announce we have purchased NUTRIKIDS® POS.  We are currently preparing to implement this new system with an expected launch date of September 1, 2015. to begin September 1st.  

We wish everyone a Happy and Safe Summer Vacation.  Please continue to check our blog and our website for updated summer information.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

School Improvement Plan Update

On Tuesday, 6/23, the administration updated the School Committee on progress on the school's improvement plan. Here is an update.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

School Council Meeting 6/23

DRRHS School Council Meeting
Tuesday 6/23 Agenda Items

  1. Members:
    1. Staff:
      1. Ann Siachos-Secretary
      2. Dave Moura
      3. John Greenlees
      4. Kevin Braga
    2. Parents:
      1. Rachel Phillip
      2. Patrick Gouveia
    3. Community Member
      1. Paul Giannakoulis
    4. Students:
      1. Brendan Henrique
      2. Rebekah Phillip
1) Student Achievement: increase & improve all aspects of student achievement.
2) Instruction and Learning: improve instruction and learning for all students.
3) Communication: expand communication between parents, school, and community through both traditional and non-traditional methods.
4) Technology: increase/maximize the use of technology for teaching and learning.
5) Facilities: improve facilities and ground for maximum students, faculty, and community utilization; instill pride in DRRHS.

Call to order the DR School Council Meeting on Tuesday, June 23rd at 5:30 p.m.
First item on the agenda, I need a motion to approve the minutes from May 26ths minutes.

  1. Approve Minutes
    1. 2 Revisions
  2. Handbook Revisions
  3. CTE Positions
  4. ALICE
    1. Phase 1: Complete
    2. Phase 2: Complete
      1. Feedback
  5. School Choice Update
  6. School Improvement Plan

Monday, June 22, 2015

Daily Announcements 6/22

The baseball awards' night will be held on Thursday 6/25 @ 6 p.m. in the school cafeteria.  Freshmen & JV players should bring beverages while varsity players should bring desserts.  All varsity baseball players should turn in their uniforms in the locker room on Wednesday after exams.

The end of the year softball banquet will be held tonight in the cafeteria at 6:00. All players should bring in their uniforms to be collected.

Congratulations to Julia Campezato who represented Dighton Rehoboth Girl's Track at the New Balance National Meet in North Carolina over the weekend. After a 2 hour rain and lightning delay, Julia placed 12th in the javelin. Great job Julia!

Friday, June 19, 2015

This Week & The Week Ahead

This week our students started their preparation for next week’s final exams.  For our freshman class, remembered what you learned through the Freshman Transition program in January for midterms.   We wanted to remind students that final are 10% of your final grade.  We wish everyone the best of luck next week. For all students here are a few studying strategies.
  • Create outlines and study guides of essential information
  • Create a calendar for studying and give yourself ample time to study for each subject.  Study for 50 minutes, then take a 10 minute break to clear your mind.  
  • Exercise and eating healthy will help control your stress levels.
  • Most importantly, make sure you rest each night to ensure maximum performance.
This afternoon, members of the Class of 2016 were presented awards for their excellence for both in and out of the classroom.  Mr. Harrison, Master of Ceremonies stated in his opening remarks, "We have a number of students to recognize today in honor of the Juniors accomplishments.  This is a wonderful class- full of smart, kind, and service based students committed to making positive change at the high school and beyond." There were over 25 awards given out to students who exemplify our core values and demonstrate a commitment to excellence.
Senior Class President, John Delaney expressed in his opening remarks his vision for the Class of 2016 next year.
"There is no doubting how great this past year has been, though I thoroughly believe that senior year will be on of the best of our entire lives.
Many of us have already been honored with being Captains of sports teams, Presidents of Clubs, or even Leaders in the Classroom, on the stage, or in marching band.
Whether we know it or not, we are now the leaders of the school, and with that role comes the responsibility to be role models. This not only means things like vandalism and bullying should be a thing of the past, but we should provide the voice of leadership in these types of situations regardless of whether there are teachers or administration around."
Thank you to our Curriculum Coordinators and Guidance department for organizing our First Annual Book Awards Ceremony.
Mrs. Voccio and our Junior Chorus members performing the National Anthem.  

Class President John Delaney provides Opening Remarks.

Mr. Lentz congratulating Kristopher Munroe for his accomplishments in Marketing.  

Guidance Counselor Mrs. Tremblett congratulates Jon Ursillo on receiving the Rensselaer Medal.  

Ms. Beckett a Boston College alumni sponsored the Boston College Book Award to Holly Wentworth.  

Mrs. Dubois and Ms. DeAguiar both Brown University alumni sponsored the Brown Book Award to Matthew Andrade.

Mr. Harrison presents the Scholar Athlete Award to Tyler Doane.
Mr. Harrison presents the Scholar Art Award to Surrey Houlker.
Mr. Harrison presented the Assistant Principal Award to Keigan Cox.
Mr. Braga presented the American Citizenship Award to William "Patrick" Newman.
The following students were recognized as recipients of College Book Awards:
  • St. Michael’s College Book Award: Matt McEathron and Emma Masse
  • St. Lawrence University Book Award:  Jordan Flanagan
  • Saint Anselm College Book Award: Ashley Szczoczarz
  • Rensselar Medal: Jonathan Ursillo
  • Boston College Book Award: Holly Wentworth
  • Wellesley College Book Award: Victoria Scott
  • Smith College Book Award: Antonia Scott
  • Yale University Book Award: Gregory Boudreau-Fine
  • Brown University Book Award: Matthew Andrade
  • Harvard University Book Award: Sara Enos
The following students received Outstanding Performance Awards for their work in the following vocational pathways:
  • Automotive Technology: Alex Lacasse
  • Carpentry: Trinity Williams
  • Drafting Design and Pre-Engineering: David Simpson
  • Early Education and Care: Kacie DeSousa
  • Machine Technology: Evan Dwyer
  • Marketing: Kristopher Munroe
  • TV Production and Broadcasting: Trenton Saleeba
All members of the National Honor Society will be designated as such by wearing the ceremonial white cord and tassel. These students have been recognized for their excellence in academics, in their time at Dighton-Rehoboth. They have also been recognized for their outstanding leadership skills, their service to others, and their character. The following members of the Class of 2016 will wear a white cord and tassel at graduation for their membership in National Honor Society:
  • Jacquelyn Amaral
  • Matthew Andrade
  • Gregory Boudreau-Fine
  • Anna Brodeur
  • Justin Cadima
  • Kasey Charette
  • Rachel Chrystie
  • Caylie Cross
  • Caroline DeCoste
  • Kacie DeSousa
  • Tyler Doane
  • Andrea Duncan
  • Rachel Dziedzic
  • Sara Enos
  • Isaiah Ferreira
  • Jordan Flanagan
  • Jamison Freedman
  • Alexandra Froment
  • Kylie Furtado
  • Elizabeth Griffin
  • Amanda Grossi
  • Kelsey Hastings
  • Yendee Ho-Rath
  • Surrey Houlker
  • Erin Kelley
  • Nicholas Koneski
  • Emma Masse
  • Matthew McEathron
  • Caitlin McNaughton
  • William Newman
  • Nathan Oliver
  • Kaitlin Palmer
  • Victoria Proulx
  • Thomas Ranley
  • Joseph Rogers
  • Hannah Saleeba
  • Antonia Scott
  • Victoria Scott
  • David Simpson
  • Brittany Sousa
  • Liza Sousa
  • Raquel Sousa
  • Mae Stebbings
  • Sarah Steenhuysen
  • Ashley Szczoczarz
  • Emily Tibbels
  • Jonathan Ursillo
  • Holly Wentworth
  • Brandon Witter
Caroline DeCoste, Sara Enos, Victoria Scott, and Jonathan Ursillo were recognized as 2016 National Commended Scholars.
The Remarkable Young Women’s Award sponsored by the AAUW-American Association of University Women Taunton Area Chapter was awarded to Nicole Pimental
The Civic Legacy Award was awarded to Andrea Duncan who has shown the personal characteristics of integrity, creativity, persistence, humor, community spirit, and respect for other people.
John Delaney received the Dean’s Award for outstanding involvement in extracurricular activities.
The Scholar Athlete Award was presented to Tyler Doane. In addition, the Scholar Arts Award was presented to Surrey Houlker.  Keigan Cox received the Assistant Principal’s Book Award for demonstrating remarkable growth and maturity.
Lastly, the American Citizenship Award was given to William Newman for inspiring and encouraging other students to strive to be better citizens.  
DR Leo Club wins Leo Club of the Year
On Monday, June 15th, members of the Dighton-Rehoboth Leo Club traveled to East Wareham for an Awards Night for Lions District 33-S, a region encompassing all of southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and the islands. At the ceremony, D-R Leo Club President Andrew Carden was awarded the honor of Leo of the Year for the entire district. Andrew was commended on his leadership, motivation, and for the accomplishments of the club during his term, which include collecting costumes for a costume exchange, hosting Video Game Nights and a Poetry Slam, and donating money towards a piano for the music department. Andrew, currently a junior, will be serving his second term as president during the 2015-2016 school year."

Here is the write-up for the club award, written by District Governor Bev Dillon:
"Teenagers always seem to have more energy than adults. But the Dighton-Rehoboth Leos have even more energy than their counterparts. Their club meets weekly, plans daily, and works every minute of the day.
            Their community service events are many and varied. They have collected and donated Halloween costumes and prom dresses. They demonstrated their commitment to their environment by cleaning up around campus as well as at a local cemetery. Canned food collections, 5K walks, and donations of iPods to residents of a local nursing home have happened several times this year. The military has benefitted from their activities through Cell Phones for Soldiers program and the creation of care packages to send to military personnel. The students at the Dighton-Rehoboth High School have benefitted through the posters they created for [the Unified] Basketball game, as well as presentations that they organized for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.
            Then there are their fundraising efforts—movie nights, video game nights, clam boils with the Dighton Lions [and Rehoboth Lions], a library book sale, and participation at the arts festivals of both Dighton and Rehoboth. What do they do with all of the funds they raise? They give it to charity, of course. These donations include recognizing members of their senior class with an ice cream party, monetary support for an Eagle Scout project, a donation to their school’s music department to help fund the purchase of a piano, and a scholarship program. The Dighton-Rehoboth Leo Club was even awarded the coveted L. Dough Sime Award for the donations to the Mass Lions Eye Research Fund.
            But being teenagers, they need to have some fun too. They [are planning to] go kayaking, they participate in poetry slams, and they even find some fun when they are with Lions. At the 2015 Mid-Winter Conference they participated in the Leo Summit, and they also enjoyed a bus trip to the Mass Eye and Ear [Infirmary] to learn about Leo and Lion funded research projects.
            When do these students have time to study or sleep? It is with great pleasure that I recognize the Dighton-Rehoboth Leo Club as the Best Leo Club in District 33-S!"

DRX Awards:
On Friday afternoon, a little over a dozen students were awarded DRX Awards for their demonstration of their core values.  These awards are given to students who are nominated by the staff who display our core values.  Congratulations and thank you for your dedication to DR “Excellence.”  
DR News: Click the Link forD-R News.
Week Ahead:
Monday, June 22: Gold Day
  • Full Day of school

Tuesday, June 23: Green Day: Exam 1 and 2
  • Exam 1: 7:17-9:00
  • Break: 9:00-9:10 during the break 100s will clean out lockers
  • Exam 2: 9:10-10:50
  • Student dismissal at 10:50

School Committee Meeting 6:30pm Media Center

Wednesday, June 24: Gold Day: Exam 1 and 2
  • Exam 1: 7:17-9:00
  • Break: 9:00-9:10 during the break 300s will clean out lockers
  • Exam 2: 9:10-10:50
  • Student dismissal at 10:50   

Thursday, June 25: Green Day: Exam 3 and 4
  • Exam 3: 7:17-9:00
  • Break: 9:00-9:10 during the break 500s, CTE, and anyone left remaining will clean out lockers
  • Exam 4: 9:10-10:50
  • Student dismissal at 10:50

Friday, June 26: Gold Day: Exam 3 and 4
  • Exam 3: 7:17-9:00
  • Break: 9:00-9:10
  • Exam 4: 9:10-10:50
  • Student dismissal at 10:50

Have a Great SUMMER & be SAFE!