Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Project Contemporary Competitiveness (PCC)

Today, Mr. Braga had the pleasure of being invited to Stonehill College for the PCC Open House.  There are over 20 courses that students can enroll for six weeks.  The PCC Mission Statement is as follows: "To provide an intellectually enriching, socially stimulating, affordable six week residential summer program at the campus of Stonehill College in a friendly, supportive, learning environment with a carefully constructed balance of freedoms and responsibilities for mature, tenth, and eleventh grade high ability students who are open to the excitement of learning, and ready for a challenge."

We had the opportunity to tour several classrooms and interact with the students.  During our visit, it was clear that the students were engaged and it was a well organized program.  Dighton-Rehoboth will make students more aware of these opportunities during the registration period, which takes place usually around January.  To view their course catalog please click here.

Below students are working on lesson plans on how to teach students to read.  In this class called, “Warm Cookies and Milk” students are learning child development skills.  Students were developing lesson plans with objectives that have both clear and high expectations.  

Students below are working in their physics class. Students were testing their solar powered cars.  

“I’m With the Band” offers students who play instruments used in rock/pop bands the opportunity to play together in a band.  We had the opportunity to hear them play through a couple of verses and they sounded amazing!  

In Digital Photography, the students were learning how to use the green screen.  In this photo the one student was “flying through the air.”