Thursday, August 6, 2015

Freshman Transition Last Day Tecap

There is a parable which suggests that the end of a melody is not its goal. But nonetheless, had the melody not reached its end, it would not have reached its goal either. I feel like this sentiment is one that most accurately summarizes the Freshmen Transition Team's feelings about this final day of our summer program.

It was "school spirit" day and the legion of freshmen clad in glorious green and gold was a strong testament to this fact. Students navigated the corridors of DR with uncommon ease and opened lockers with a deft touch.  All the while, our student mentors looked on with pride knowing that, at least in part, their job this summer had been done.

Next, the Class of 2019 broke down into their cohorts to breath life into their "Recycling Challenge" designs that they dreamed up earlier this week. The results were both inventive and inspired (images included in the slideshow at the bottom of this email). After shifting to a few final large group activities to reinforce the values of collaboration and communication, we gathered one last time in the auditorium, in part to crown a "school spirit champion." The top four most spirited cohorts battled it out on stage with DR pride chants of their own invention. The winning group serenaded us with the following:

Do you think I'm ready?
Do you think that we are ready?
Do you think we'll be cheating?
But I'm like no, not really cause...

Oh I think I found myself some DR Pride
They are always right there by my side
Oh I think I found myself some DR Pride
They are always right there by my side

They give me time and attention
Student did I mention
It's the only school for me,
No I don't need a next one
Going to this school
I know I made the right selection
Now, all that's left for me to do
Is to make the DR Difference!

We closed with a slideshow showcasing the week and the members of the Class of 2019 who made it simply unforgettable. You can watch it here.

The ending wasn't the goal. Our goal was togetherness, community, trust, and belief. Those aren't just goals for the summer; we'll be working on those throughout the school year as the Freshmen Transition Program shifts to its final stage of supporting your children throughout the ups and downs of the academic year. We'll be here for you, too, should you ever need our help to better support your children. The only way this life works is going through it together. We couldn't be happier to be going through it with our wonderful falcon family :)