Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Last week the Junior Class Guidance Counselors, Mrs. Donahue and Mrs. Payne, met briefly with all junior students in their classroom to review the upcoming SAT and ACT Testing dates and deadlines. Juniors interested in attending a four year college should consider taking the SAT or ACT test at least once in their junior year and can take it more than once if they want to improve their scores. 

Students sign up to take these tests online at either :

SAT ($54.50 w/essay – we recommend with essay)
ACT  ($56.50 w/essay – we recommend with essay)
Test Date                            Sign up Deadline
Test Date                             Sign up Deadline
March 5 @ DR                                    February 5
April  9                                                  March 4
May 7    @ DR                                     April 8
June 11  @ DR                                    May 6
June 4                                                   May 5