Monday, September 19, 2016

Getting to know the DRRHS Student-Parent Handbook-Discipline

We are off to a great start and I would love for us to stay on this positive track! Below we will highlight some standards of behavior that have been adopted as a guideline for the discipline procedures at DRRHS:

Failure to meet classroom teacher expectations are generally handled on a teacher-pupil basis.  Extreme or frequent cases will be referred to the office.

Classroom/Teacher Expectations

  • arriving to class on time
  • not bringing food into class
  • doing work as assigned
  • covering all books
  • bringing work materials to class (pencils, notebooks)
  • being attentive in class
  • passing in work on time and making up work missed
  • wearing safety glasses and meeting uniform expectations in all vocational shop areas and during all science laboratory sessions.
The above information can be found on page 45 of the DRRHS Parent Student Handbook.  
The entire handbook can be found here.
Please stay tuned for more information that will be shared from the handbook.