Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Getting to know the DRRHS Student-Parent Handbook-Discipline

As part of our series “Getting to know the DRRHS Student-Parent Handbook” we will continue to highlight some standards of behavior that have been adopted as a guideline for the discipline procedures at DRRHS:
Students committing infractions listed below will be referred to the office.  Any student who is referred to the office out of the classroom, will immediately surrender their electronic device to administration upon their arrival to the main office.  Failure to surrender the device will constitute insubordination.
-          Insolent, rude and discourteous behavior, including talking back to any employee in the building
-          Repeated offenses of a minor nature after being warned
-          Frequent misbehavior in class
-          Misbehavior at extracurricular events
-          Disturbance in halls or on school grounds
-          General vulgarity/abusive language
-          Abusive use of black-soled shoes
-          Opening a locked door for others to enter
-          Forging, falsifying, or otherwise altering any school record
-          Cutting class (staying in the building)
-          Leaving class without permission
-          Obstructing an investigation
-          Leaving lunch without permission