Friday, September 23, 2016

Getting to know the DRRHS Student-Parent Handbook- Driving and Parking Regulations

As many have noticed we have started the “Getting to know the DRRHS Student-Parent Handbook” series.  These posts are being developed to highlight some key points in the Handbook to help improve our communication regarding our expectations for students.   Previous posts have discussed the attendance policy and portions of our discipline policy.  Today’s post will summarize our driving and parking regulations.  We have begun to issue warnings to students who are not displaying their parking permit and to students not parking in their assigned spots. 
As always advised please visit the handbook here for the complete details.
Driving and Parking Regulations:
·         Firm 15MPH speed limit on school property and all drivers and passengers must wear safety belts.  First offense will result in 3 weeks suspension of driving privileges.  Second offense results in suspension of driving privileges for the remainder of the semester. 
·         Students must drive responsibly to and from school
·         Students who are tardy 8 or more times in a semester will lose their driving privilege
·         Students must only park in their assigned spot
·         Students may not sit in their vehicle or remain in parking lots for extended periods. 
·         Students parking in areas not designated to them will be subject to loss of privileges and/or towing
·         Any student not displaying the parking sticker properly may be towed at his/her expense
o   Cost of towing will be charged to the student
·         Any student who leaves the building or school property without permission will lose their driving privilege