Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Getting to know the DRRHS Student Parent Handbook- Field trip eligibility

This post will outline how students are eligible to participate/attend field trips.  There are some great opportunities for students and we want to make sure every student is eligible to attend.  As always, please see the handbook on page 28 for complete details.

To be eligible for field trips, students must have good attendance, passing grades, and demonstrate acceptable behavior.  This defines students in academically good standing. However, poor behavior, poor attendance, or failing grades do not demonstrate students in academically good standing.   Therefore, missing scheduled classes to attend field trips, or other functions identified by school administration, will not be allowed for students who do not meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Passing all current classes and no failing grade on most recent report card
  2. Fewer than five tardies in every class during current semester
  3. No more than one discipline referral during current school year
  4. Few than eight (8) total excused or unexcused absences during the semester