Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Spanish IV Projects

Upon returning to school after a well deserved summer vacation, Mrs. Vander Kaaden's Spanish IV students began to dive right back into the language. To help recall the concepts learned throughout Spanish I, II, and III, Mrs. Vander Kaaden assigned a project in which students had to create a collage with solely pictures, no words! Then, students had to prepare to speak entirely in Spanish for at least one minute about themselves, their hobbies, and their friends/family without the use of an index card or script. The students had to rely on their collage only to assist them in their oral presentation. The students in all four sections of Spanish IV did a fantastic job and turned in some impressive artistic as well as virtual collages. Mrs. Vander Kaaden was even more impressed with their superior knowledge of the language and looks forward to a terrific year with her enthusiastic students!
Above, Mrs. Vander Kaaden's Spanish IV students (Owen Conti, Ryan Ferrara, Sam Taraian, Will Taylor, Hannah Philip, Kendra Oliveira, & Heather Devolle) show off their artistic collages!
Students observe as classmate Jeff Tran presents his virtual collage entirely in Spanish!
Jack Chrystie proudly presents his virtual collage to his classmates!