Thursday, November 3, 2016

Daily Announcements

There is a mandatory meeting tonight at 5:30 in room 108 for all Mr. DR contestants and choreographers.

There is a student government meeting today after school in room 108. If you cannot attend please see Ms. 


Attention Theatre Company-There will be no rehearsal for Radium Girls on Friday, November 4. There will be rehearsal on Thursday, November 3.

Attention Portuguese club members. The Portuguese Club meeting scheduled for today has been postponed to next Tuesday.

Attention all students, important annoucement regarding attendance. This is a friendly reminder that students with 4 absences or a combination of 5 tardies or dismissals in a term will receive a Saturday school. Additionally, it is important to know if you accumulate 8 absences or 8 tardies and dismissals in a semester you will lose social and driving privileges for the remainder of the semester. If you accumulate 14 absences or 14 tardies and dismissals in a semester you lose your privileges for the remainder of the year. This means no prom. Any student who loses driving privileges and continues to drive to school will be considered insubordinate. The handbook will be followed in these cases and the student may be subject to a parking violation as well. Please plan accordingly. Get to school on time and bring in a doctor's note following an absence.  

Congratulations to Ben Loell on his acceptance to the United States Navy. HOOYAH!!

Bonjour!!! The French Club will be having a meeting Thursday, Nov. 10 after school in Madame Loell's room, 127. Come eat some French food, learn a little French and plan some French themed events and excursions! Everyone is welcome! A bientot! (ah bee-en-toe)

 The boy's soccer team hosts Somerset/Berkley tomorrow at 2:30 in the MIAA Division 2 South Tournament. Please come out and support the team!

All JV players need to bring in their uniforms to be collected by tomorrow. Please see Coach Kulpa or Coach Augusto with your uniforms.