Friday, March 3, 2017

Rock and Mineral Lesson- Check this out!!

Mrs Pimento's and Mrs DuBois' Earth Science class studied the crystallization of igneous rock. Students watched videos and observed rock examples in class.  Students demonstrated the crystallization process by making "magic tree" crystals to simulate crystal formation in igneous rocks. 

 Mrs Pimento's students made pizzas to model igneous rock formations and hosted Mrs DuBois' students for an igneous rock pizza party.

Pepperoni pizza modeled "intrusive" igneous rocks with large crystals. Because the magma forming igneous rocks cools much more slowly inside the earth the crystals become very large.

 Cheese pizza modeled "extrusive" igneous rocks with smaller crystals. Because the Lava (magma on the outside of the earth) forming igneous rocks cools more quickly outside the Earth, the "extrusive" igneous rocks have much smaller crystals.

Students were able to eat "intrusive"  pizza with large crystals--pepperoni, or "extrusive" pizza with smaller crystals-- cheese only.

Fun was had by all students in this cooperative academic effort.  Well Done!