Thursday, September 20, 2018

Falcon Friday

Hey DR Falcons, 
Every year we start up our Annual "Falcon Friday's".  
For our new freshman class and any new folks at the high school, this is the beginning of how we celebrate excellence, whether it be in the classroom, stage or on the athletic fields! 
First off EVERYONE,  
students, teachers, coaches, players, custodians, and admin alike all wear green and gold. 
It's just a sea of color. 
This can be witnessed in the cafe especially. 
Anything that says DR works! 
It shows our school and town pride as well as preparing for Friday's home game. 
Yes, it sure is football season, BUT this is for all our DR students no matter what your liking weather it be football, band, cheer, art, Best Buddies you name it, and it takes place every Friday all year long!
It also starts to set the stage for "The Famous DR Spirit Week" that every school in our area is jealous of. 
No ones does a better Spirit Week than right here at DIghton-Rehoboth HS! 
So find something Green and Gold and wear it proud tomorrow. 
Let's start ramping it up DR!